Awnings Terrace


The large-area awning for XXL shading areas. Perfectly suited for very large patios in the private and restaurant sector.

Provides generous shade.

Set new standards with the JUMBO large-area awning. It is designed for a maximum projection of up to 5 metres and provides up to 90m2 of shade – perfect for large patios in the restaurant and private sectors.

What makes Jumbo unique.

Broadly elegant
The straight lines of the telescopic arms give the JUMBO awning a timelessly elegant aesthetic.
Always taut
Up to six specially developed telescopic arms are used to ensure a consistently high fabric tension across the entire area in every position.
Stable all the way
Even at its maximum size of 18 x 5m, JUMBO remains utterly calm and stable. This is thanks to the sturdy aluminium construction.
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Product features

Telescopic arm technology

The telescopic arm technology developed by STOBAG keeps the fabric consistently under tension in a simple, space-saving design.

JUMBO Teleskoparmtechnik

Cover board

A cover board protects the fabric and technology from dirt deposits when closed and creates an aesthetic connection between the awning and the façade.

JUMBO Schutzdach


The valance, which is available in various shapes, not only brings you additional shade, it also serves as a cover for the awning arms when retracted.

JUMBO Volant

The fascination of light and shadow.

JUMBO covers an area of up to 90m2. If you want to go even bigger, you can add a second patio awning.