Awnings Terrace


The sturdy, inexpensive open awning solution that can even be mounted on rafters or beams.

Combines sturdiness with good design and an affordable price.

With a width of up to 700 cm, AZUR is one of the wider awnings in the STOBAG range. This requires a very sturdy construction, which is made possible by a solid square back bar. The awning remains securely anchored even in windy conditions.

AZUR broadens the horizons of your living room.

Shade for large areas
With a width of up to 700 cm and a projection of 300 cm, you can provide generous shade for your new outdoor living space.
Visual protection
An optional valance provides additional shade and conceals the awning arms.
Fabric qualities and colors
STOBAG offers a wide range of fabric qualities and colors for all awnings. There shouldn’t be any limitations on the design of your outdoor living space.
AZUR Hero slide

Product features

Wall mounting with a cover board

A cover board protects the fabric and technology from dirt deposits when closed and creates an aesthetic connection between the awning and the façade.

AZUR Wandmontage mit Schutzdach

Roof-rafter mounting

Special brackets make rafter mounting possible.

AZUR Dachsparrenmontage


The valance, which is available in various shapes, not only brings you additional shade, it also serves as a cover for the awning arms when retracted.

AZUR Volant

Enjoy the outdoors

Whether the sky is clear and blue or overcast, with STOBAG you can enjoy the outdoors in all kinds of ways.