Summer Guide

Summertime magically draws people outside – whether to relax in the afternoon or enjoy a sociable evening with friends and family. With our tips, you’ll soon be enjoying the hot weather outdoors even more.
Summer Guide

Perfectly prepared for the summer: from sun protection to summer party.

It’s getting warmer outside, the sun’s shining for longer – summer’s here at last. Do you al-ready have plans for your first garden party? Here you can find out what it takes for a lovely afternoon and evening in the open air. And how to protect yourself against UV rays and heat on particularly hot days with practical tips and good sun protection.

Summery decoration for patio, garden and balcony.

Whether you’re just having a few friends round or throwing a proper party in the garden: with the right decorations, you can create a feel-good flair in your outdoor living room in no time at all. For an especially harmonious color scheme, focus on just one or two colors and use them in the table decorations – for candles, napkins or flowers, for example.

Garlands and lanterns as well as strings of pennants create a beautiful atmosphere and can also be combined directly with suitable lighting. Bathe your sunset party in warm light with lanterns, string lights and indirect lighting. This not only makes for a particularly lovely ambi-ence, but also persuades people to linger long into the evening.

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Seating for young and old.

If you’re inviting people to a summer party on the balcony, all you need is a table and some chairs. However, if you host your party on a patio bordered by a garden, you can easily create additional seating for your guests. Put cushions or beanbags on a picnic blanket in a shady spot, or stretch a hammock between two trees in the garden – the possibilities are endless.

Especially on hot, sunny days, you should make sure there are enough seats in the shade. To keep you and your guests safe from UV rays. If your garden has plenty of trees, nature of-fers plenty of opportunities to cool down. And for parties on your patio or balcony, sun blinds make an effective solution.

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Special sun protection for the littl’uns.

Good sun protection is particularly important for children, because children’s skin is less able to cope with exposure to the sun than adult skin. It is much thinner and produces very little mela-nin to protect itself. Every time they get sunburn or are exposed to the sun without protec-tion, it increases their risk of getting skin cancer later on. This makes it especially important to avoid sunburn in young skin.

The best way to do this is to avoid exposing your child to the direct sun. Let your child play in the shade, always use sunscreen and protect your child with light clothing even in the shade. That’s how to make playing in the garden and spending time outdoors safe and fun!

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More freedom thanks to free-standing awnings.

Free-standing awnings cast shade on the lawn, over the paddling pool or over the sandpit. Folding or telescopic awnings are extremely sturdy, allowing them to stand alone and extend safely without an additional support device. Box awnings also provide convenient sun protec-tion that is kept safe in a box. When the awning is retracted, the elegant and corrosion-resistant aluminium box protects the fabric and mechanical parts effectively against environ-mental influences such as rain, storms or even dirt.

Patio awnings are very robust and offer additional space outdoors, as they can keep rain out if they slope steeply enough and are fitted with a waterproof fabric. And an additional privacy blind lets you maintain your privacy and protects you from wind and low sun at the same time. Then your use of your patio is not limited to warm summery temperatures only.

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Catering for your garden party: ideas for summer food and drinks

Provide an ideal spread for all guests at your garden party with a big barbecue buffet. Salads, dips, fish, meat or kebabs are just as well suited to this as vegetarian grill variations, such as jacket potatoes or vegetable slices. The advantage of this is that if everyone brings a contri-bution, your preparation time is minimised, as most dishes are cooked directly on the barbecue.

Alternatively, a selection of snacks and tapas also makes a great choice. Olives, cheese, ba-guette and vegetables go just as well with a summer dinner as various fruits – whether as a refreshing snack between meals or as a fruity dessert. On the other hand, there’s no need for elaborate dishes for a summer party in hot weather.

Sit back and enjoy.

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