Inspirations for more living space

Inspirations for more living space

At home. This is an expression of personal lifestyle.

Be it a winter garden or a summer terrace, a balcony or a garden – you can transform the area outside your living space into your very own personal retreat. For more relaxation, more company or holiday feeling. For more precious moments.

Reinventing living spaces.

Check out our inspiration section for ideas on how to turn a room into a living space in any season. We show you how to prolong the summer with creative ideas, use light and shade to your advantage and simplify your life with smart technologies.

Inspiring you is our job.

Talk to us about your concepts and ideas. We present different live solutions in our show-rooms and discuss which one is best for you.

Showroom with  sample installation

Has your terrace already unfolded its full potential?

If not, now is the time. Transform your terrace into an outdoor oasis of well-being. We will show you how.
Terrasse mit Sonnenliege und Sonnenstore

Answers to questions that are not new to us.

How can I use my terrace all year round?
How do I know which ideas are feasible for me?
Can I have a look at the products live somewhere and try them out?
I have an idea in mind. Who will help me to put it on paper?

Just make life easier

How can your home be protected against burglary? How can you enjoy spring on the terrace despite pollen allergies? In our "Useful information" section, you will find practical tips about our products.

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