Smart Home

Smart home systems enhance both security and convenience in your home. And save energy at the same time. Almost every new household appliance that comes onto the market is internet-enabled or can connect to a smart home network. You decide whether it’s a fad or a useful innovation.
Smart Home

Smart living: making life easier with smart home systems.

Nowadays, a smart home system can be set up by anyone in just a few steps. Everything from automated household helpers, such as vacuum robots, to smart speakers or smart thermostats, through to digital light and sun-protection control, there is a multitude of options out there for your own smart home.

Determining which is the right solution and installation for you depends on your personal needs and your vision for your home. Find out here which areas of life are most compatible with smart home technology.

What smart home systems bring to your home.

  1. Convenience
    A smart home ecosystem lets you operate products easily via an app or a voice assistant such as Google Assistant, Siri or Amazon Alexa. Clearly an advantage for anyone who doesn't want to get up or isn't even at home.
  2. Energy-efficiency
    A smart home system with intelligent thermostats makes it a breeze to optimise your energy use. By automating roller shutters or sun-protection systems, you save on air conditioning in summer – and thus on energy and cold, hard cash.
  3. Security
    Motion sensors and alarm systems can be controlled by smart technology, but so can lighting and shading. And these can give the impression that someone is at home, even if you're not. Which significantly reduces the risk of burglary within your four walls.

Intelligent solutions make a home smart

We can’t say much about entertainment electronics. So let’s take a closer look at the smart home components for the outside of your home. Much of this revolves mainly around sun and weather protection. But also the lighting and the security of your house or apartment can be controlled or automated digitally: an awning that you can extend or retract from the comfort of your lounger. Patio lighting that switches on automatically at dusk and lets you enjoy pleasant summer evenings outdoors. Or blinds that you can control from your office via smartphone to keep your home nice and cool at the end of the day.

And this applies equally to commercial buildings: by investing in the installation of a well-thought-out smart home system in your company, you can save energy for air conditioning and create an ideal working environment, which results in a good working atmosphere. This in turn leads to a satisfied workforce and higher productivity.

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Do you want your home to think for itself? We list a few points to consider.

What’s your plan?
Set yourself a limit
What are your control preferences?
Good advice is not expensive.

With us, you’re only left out in the rain if you want to be.

STOBAG specialises in sun and weather protection, which can also be equipped with smart sensors and controlled electronically. The electronics of these sensors log certain parameters continuously and determine what automatically closes or opens and when. For example, verti-cal awnings can be lowered automatically, as soon as the sun shines on one part of the façade. To keep the interior at a pleasant temperature at all times. Glass roofs with shading protect and close automatically when a thunderstorm is approaching. This protects the awning fabric from rain and storms. And smart pavilions protect your patio furniture or plants from getting too wet. Smart home processes enhance the quality of life in your home while helping to ex-tend the life of your products.

The most important advantage, which above all results in greater comfort for you: you have less to worry about and can enjoy the precious moments in your home to the full.

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Remote or app: automation is easy to control.

There are various ways of operating smart home devices: a wired drive in the form of a switch can be used for window blinds, a remote control for a sunshading product or an app for complete control of all installed smart home devices.

We will show you which option is most practical for you and what innovations we have in this area.

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STOBAG products for a clear mind.

Automated sun protection, integrated lighting or greater security for your home: almost every STOBAG product can be fitted with electronic controls and become your personal innovative solution thanks to smart home control.

Automation can deliver much more than just convenience

Find out how our smart products can contribute to your security in our article on intruder protection.
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