Outdoor Living

No sooner is the cold season over and people feel the first warmer rays of spring sunshine, the rush for the sunny spots in street cafés and parks begins. Get that feeling at home too.
Outdoor Living

The pleasant outdoor living room.

For many, their own outdoor space is one of their favorite places in their home. This is where much of their free time is spent – whether alone with a book, at the weekend with the family or on balmy summer evenings barbecuing with friends.

Our ideas help you turn patios and the like into a real outdoor living room. Despite the rain, wind, scorching sun or nosy neighbours. And in exactly the style that suits your architecture.

Modern patios: timeless and elegant.

A modern patio is the ideal transition between modern architecture and nature in your garden. For a harmonious overall look, it is especially important with this style to match the materials and colors to your house. When it comes to the design, clean lines and clear-cut shapes define the look of your outdoor living room.

Large patio slabs in dark colors, such as granite or concrete, make ideal flooring. Large lounge furniture that picks up on the colors of the house and the floor, combined with a privacy screen made of wood or stone, invite you to feel good and spend long evenings outdoors. You can create a beautiful eye-catcher with plants positioned tastefully on your patio that underscore the simple overall impression.

If the plans for your patio also include a dining area, make sure you have adequate seating and a sufficiently large table that offers enough space for friends too. That’s true regardless of which patio style you choose.

Villa Vorgarten mit Überdachung und Sitzmöbel
Moderne Terrasse mit Aussicht auf See

Southern flair in the Mediterranean patio style.

Relaxing on a balmy summer evening, surrounded by greenery, over a glass of fine wine with friends – that’s the ideal setting for the Mediterranean design style. Unlike modern patios, the Mediterranean design has a more organic layout. Natural shapes instead of straight lines, lush vegetation instead of accentuated ornamental grasses.

The most popular building material for this style is light-colored stone. Broken paving slabs, for example, look particularly natural and can be beautifully complemented by a natural stone wall as a privacy screen. Mediterranean herbs such as lavender and oregano, citrus fruits too, create a southern-European atmosphere and are particularly eye-catching when planted in terracotta pots. For an authentic seating arrangement, choose filigree metal furniture or wicker chairs.

Terasse mit Südlichem Flair
Zitronenbaum mit Früchten

Pleasant relaxation on the patio in country house style.

Patios in the country-house style are reminiscent of relaxed rural life. Lush greenery and natural materials invite you to enjoy life outdoors. Above all, wood with a beautiful patina is a must for a rural vibe – this applies to both the flooring and the patio furniture.

Matching decorative items round off the delightful ambience. Plenty of plants in earthenware pots or discarded containers, combined with string lights and patterned or colored cushions and blankets, create an authentic country-house character.

A patio in this style is particularly beautiful as a transition between the house and wild garden. But you can also make a small balcony in the city into a pleasing oasis of calm with a country-house look. Skilfully arranged plants in various sizes not only turn your country-house patio into a true patio garden, but also naturally protect it from prying eyes.

Country house on the beach with sun torre slide

Shade for balcony and patio.

Of course, your patio is not only an intimate haven on balmy summer evenings. For a late breakfast at the weekend or when playing with the kids in the sandpit, sun blinds and vertical awnings are a must, so that the outdoor living room can be used during the day in hot weather too.

Our premium-quality fabrics keep UV rays out and also maintain an agreeable temperature. Combined with side shading, awnings also act as glare protection when the sun is low in the sky, besides keeping out unpleasant draughts and providing greater privacy. Thanks to our huge range of colors, your awning can be designed to perfectly complement the style of your patio.

Villa mit Vorplatz und Grossen Sonnenstorren an Fensterfront
Pavillion mit Gartenlounge im Schatten

More ideas for your patio.

Live the dream of a new outdoor living room. With STOBAG, the patio becomes your new living room, dining room or study.

Vorplatz mit Teppich vor Trennwand zum Nachbar

Pergolas and pavilions for even more freedom outdoors.

Who says that you can only make yourself comfortable on the patio when the sun’s shining? There’s something really cool about sitting outside in the middle of a summer rain shower and listening to the pattering of the raindrops. With a pergola or a pavilion, you’re guaranteed not to get wet.

Thanks to their front support, our pavilion systems are very sturdy. Add to that sufficient pitch and a waterproof fabric, and there’s no problem using them in the rain. Of course, they also provide shade on sunny days. Depending on the area of application, the desired size and aesthetic requirements, you could consider either fixing it to the exterior house wall or choosing a stylish, free-standing pavilion instead. The cover can be made of one of our premium fabrics or consist of aluminium slats. With an optional side or front shade and integrated lighting, you can create a freely customisable extension of your living room in an outdoor living space.

Find your color.

With over 380 designs and colors, European high-tech textiles in premium quality. With our new tool, you can quickly find the color that highlights the very personal design of your outdoor space. We are happy to send your favorites directly to your home to make your choice even easier.