Vertical shading


The vertical awning with three different lateral guides is an all-round genius.

Compact vertical awning with a round protective box

With three different types of lateral guide, the name UNIVERSAL says it all. The compact design is ideal for use in modern façade architecture.

Why UNIVERSAL delivers

Three guide technologies
A choice of wire cable, metal rod or aluminium guide rail.
Compact and round
The compactly sized round box system protects the fabric. It also fits in narrow window niches from 40 cm wide.
Versatile in shape
With its sturdy but elegant design, UNIVERSAL is suitable for use on glass frontages or covered patios.
UNIVERSAL Hero slide

Product features

Slim and flexible

The wire guide made of stainless-steel cable is used for vertical shading. The simple, slim guide system for vertical awnings.

UNIVERSAL Drahtseilführung

Sturdy and secure

The sturdy and secure guide type. Made of stainless chrome steel, For robust guiding of the awning fabric.

UNIVERSAL Stangenführung

Seamless and perfect

The awning fabric runs in an aluminium guide rail. No light gets through the seamless transition from fabric to guide rail.

UNIVERSAL Führungsschiene

Recess mounting

The compact design permits mounting even in small niches.

UNIVERSAL Leibungsmontage


If multiple units are mounted next to each other, it is best to couple them so that they don’t have to be operated individually.

UNIVERSAL Kopplung von Anlagen

UNIVERSAL fits everywhere

From very narrow to extra-wide, the UNIVERSAL concept covers a comprehensive range of requirements.