Vertical shading


Functionality and aesthetics combined in one vertical awning.

The modern generation of high-quality vertical shading systems

SURAVA is a premium vertical shading system that is available in two variants for your building.

SURAVA VA1100 LIGHT, without a protective box, for a light and modern look, and SURAVA VA2100 BOX with a slim protective box for additional protection of the fabric in a closed, modern design.

SURAVA – Slim and versatile vertical awnings

Uniform design
Achieve maximum versatility with a consistent design by combining different versions of the SURAVA.
Elegant look with color accents
The side panel without visible fasteners creates an elegant look. The variable color scheme lets you ensure visual harmony or create exciting highlights.
Flexibility with guide and box
The variants with or without a box and the combination of the different guides maximize the versatility of SURAVA.
SURAVA Hero slide

Product features

Designer side panel

With variable color scheme for visual harmony or exciting accents

SURAVA Seitenblende

Simplicity with the SURAVA VA1100 LIGHT

For window soffits or protected installation situations

SURAVA Eleganz

Versatile elegance with SURAVA VA2100 BOX

For increased longevity of unprotected facades

SURAVA Vielseitigkeit
Discover our fabrics

Discover our fabrics

SURAVA – The flexible solution for every challenge

SURAVA's timeless design elegantly matches any style of architecture – whether modern or traditional.