Supply chain

Good things come to those with a supply chain

From raw materials to production to professional fitting, our products pass through various stages. It takes a great deal of commitment and expertise to ensure that the corresponding supply chain functions seamlessly. Here you can read about what it takes to create the perfect solution for a new outdoor living space.
Good things come to those with a supply chain

High quality requires far-sighted planning

The production of premium-quality sun and weather protection solutions comprises multiple stages. The various parts of the entire supply chain must mesh together exactly and meet our high-quality standards. Depending on the product solution, this can turn out to be very complex, because our configuration options are extremely diverse. Best quality is not an off-the-shelf item. It takes dedication, care, and time.

A classic awning, made-to-measure and with the fabric of your choice, is delivered in just over ten days. The production of a more complex solution, such as a glass roof with a high degree of customization, takes four to six weeks. This makes forward planning essential. Not least because of the global raw materials situation. Unfortunately, there’s no way we can predict supply bottlenecks, such as with our aluminium suppliers. Should such a bottleneck occur with your order, we will naturally inform you in good time. We recommend you discuss the current situation with a STOBAG dealer. So that nothing stands in the way of your carefully planned preferred completion date.

A product catalogue with 4.3 billion awnings

That sounds like a bit of an exaggeration. And strictly speaking, our assortment comprises 30 products with a total of 55 models. Strictly speaking. However, each of our products is produced with millimetre precision to the dimensions of your balcony, patio, garden, and property. What’s more, you can configure the product of your choice from over 1000 frame colors, over 800 fabric qualities and designs, a wide range of drive options, and equipment options. Even with a classic folding-arm awning, this results in over 4.3 billion possible configurations! It requires an outstanding logistical performance every day to be able to cater to every wish. But it’s a challenge that we’re very happy to take on. Try us out!

 Farbfächer in den Händen
Nähmaschine und grauer Stoff

A great deal of commitment from the initial idea to the bespoke end product

Each new STOBAG product is the product of a long, intense process and is designed to provide maximum customer benefit. Depending on the complexity, design research, feasibility study, and production planning, this can take in the region of one or two years. Once we have successfully developed the prototype, a thorough testing phase ensues. The product must function in the long term and also retain its validity in terms of its shape. It is only when we are absolutely sure of the product that it goes on sale. This is the only way for us to guarantee the best quality and deliver the utmost customer satisfaction. Because ultimately, with STOBAG, you are investing in an extension of your living space outdoors. So trust our over 50 years of know-how in the development of durable sun and weather protection solutions.

Planning security is always in season at STOBAG

We plan far ahead. And we try to keep stocks of as many raw materials as possible. Although this ties up a lot of capital, it enables us to smooth out fluctuations. But despite our meticulous sales planning, it can still happen that the delivery date gets delayed.

One factor is that the market for sun and weather protection is always very seasonal. It’s no surprise that demand is highest in the warm half of the year. Three-quarters of orders are received when the sun is at its highest.

What do we do to cope with this onslaught? We plan far ahead. Based on the expected sales volume, we order raw materials and components from our suppliers for the production of our product solutions. Whenever possible, the pre-production of semi-finished products takes place in the off-season. However, as each product is custom, obviously we’re unable to stock up on finished products. Working closely with the managers of our worldwide subsidiaries, we discuss the anticipated demand for each product group for the coming year. This assessment varies depending on the product model and sales market. It is also based on empirical values and sales figures from the previous year.

Ultimately, though, even well-founded estimates remain an assumption. Economic fluctuations, a pandemic, a crisis such as in the aluminium industry or a hot summer, can all influence the supply chain. If we receive an award for one of our products from a specialist jury, which happens not infrequently, then this boosts demand even further.

That is why it is important for STOBAG to be always close to our customers and specialist partners in order to respond swiftly to a purchase decision and to communicate the delivery situation transparently.

An exciting challenge that we are happy to take on.

Fabric rolls in various colors slide

“That’s all well and good, but how long now until we can inaugurate our outdoor living room?”

When it comes to the question of how long delivery takes from the factory to the specialist partner and ultimately to you, the production location also plays a crucial role. Depending on the market and product group, one of our five production sites is responsible for the production. While the majority of our orders are produced in Switzerland at our main site in Muri/AG, we also supply the North and South American markets from Brazil and Canada. Certain products are manufactured at our locations in Hungary or Germany, depending on the model.

In the best-case scenario – e.g. production, specialist partner and customer in Switzerland or Austria – the product is at the STOBAG specialist partner’s premises within a few hours. If a product has to be delivered by truck to a retailer within Europe, it can take up to a week to arrive. Prior to the installation date at your home, your product is stored safely with our specialist partners.

If you plan well in advance, you can enjoy the delights of outdoor living sooner.

Step 1: Plan

Start planning your outdoor living spaces as early as autumn, i.e. at the end of the high season.

Step 2: Seek advice

Let a specialist partner advise you on your project during this time, i.e. our low season.

Step 3: Select

Allow sufficient time from the first consultation to the selection of the product – depending on your plans, this can take at least two weeks.

Step 4: Order

Place your order during the winter months – our factories are less busy during this time.

Step 5: Sit back and relax

Your product will arrive before the start of the warm season, letting you enjoy the spring on your patio or balcony.

All you need to know about planning your outdoor space

We are happy to support you in the redesign of your new living spaces. Do you already have something in mind? Here you will find the first important steps on the way to your dream patio.

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