C / C1 E F A min. 550 max. 2500 15 120 184 min. 110 178 68 min. 270 E F A max. 3000 500 80 max. 167 min. 143 C / C1 184 G2 G1 B V1 max.300 max.800 max.300 max.800 max.800 min.110 max.800 min.110 max.800 min.94 max.800 min.94 V1 V1 G1 G1 V2 V2 V2 PERGOLINO P3600 CLASS BEAUFORT 6 EN 13561 min. 100 cm max. 700 cm* min. 140 cm max. 600 cm Variable bracket positioning With three guides STOBAG | PERGOLA / TERRACE AWNINGS Technical dimensions in millimetres Post height max. 250 cm *from 601cm with 3 guide rails REGISTRATION REQUIRED Automatic fabric lock (Stoblock) Ceiling mounting with ground sleeves Wall mounting with footplate • Very sleek construction • High installation flexibility due to sliding brackets and guide rails • Integrated water channel for lateral rainwater drainage • High fabric tension due to automatic fabric locking (Stoblock) • Can be used in the rain with appropriate inclination and a tensioned, water-repellent fabric. • Various floor mountings of the supports ( flower trough, ground sleeves, footplate ) • Large shading area possible – up to 6m overhang Options: • Integrated water channel for lateral rainwater drainage • Dimmable LED lighting (Tunable White) integrated in the guides or in the guide tube.