Warranty terms


STOBAG guarantees a 5-year warranty for all parts whose defects can be demonstrably attributed to manufacturing, material or construction errors. Defective or faulty parts shall be repaired or replaced during the warranty period free of charge by the STOBAG authorised dealer after agreement with the manufacturer, STOBAG . Costs for removal and installation, shipment costs as well as call-out and travel expenses shall not be borne. Spare parts are owned by STOBAG and must be stored and returned to STOBAG upon request. There is a warranty period of 6 months for spare parts deliveries, however, as a minimum, the current warranty period.

Fundamentally, the warranty excludes damage as well as consequential damage, as the result of:

  • inappropriate assembly and negligent or incorrect care and maintenance
  • inappropriate commissioning and operation
  • use which is excessive or not in accordance with the designated performance classes (pursuant to the product specification declaration of service/conformity according to DIN EN 13561).
  • inappropriate use
  • negligent or malicious destruction
  • inappropriately set or incorrectly installed control/automation or sensor systems
  • mechanical damage through inappropriate transport or storage
  • as the result of repairs performed by third parties, not agreed to with STOBAG
  • the use of foreign components or modifications to the product without the manufacturer's consent
  • external influences such as fire, water, alkaline, rain, snow, storm, excessive wind or other examples of force majeure
  • kink folds, chalking (light coloured stripes which arise during processing) and ripples which do not compromise the value and usability of awning covers
  • Glass elements, lighting systems (including electric components and lighting equipment), as well as components which are subject to normal wear and tear (e.g. cover)

Moreover, for awning covers, the guidelines of the German Industrial Association for Technical Textiles, Blinds, Sun Protection (Industrieverbande Technische Textilien – Rollladen – Sonnenschutz e.V) in Mönchengladbach are applicable.

Prerequisite for Warranties:

  • The fully completed warranty card must be returned to the manufacturer STOBAG within 30 days of delivery / installation of the STOBAG product. The address details may be used by STOBAG for product information and marketing purposes, as well as being transferred to STOBAG specialist dealers for service and process optimisation.
  • Warranty claims are only valid for original STOBAG products which have been manufactured in a licensed STOBAG production plant (special finishes excluded) and only for the country in which the product was purchased after 1.3.2014 via the sales channel indicated by STOBAG.
  • According to our provisions, the installation and commissioning must be performed by a designated STOBAG authorised dealer (installation instructions are included with the product).
  • Electrical installations must be performed by an authorised electrician according to standards and country-specific guidelines.
  • Prior to using for the first time, the purchaser (product user) must be instructed as to the operation and maintena ce of the product by the STOBAG authorised dealer (instructions are included with the product).
  • Immediate verification for defects and acceptance of the system by the purchaser.
  • The warranty claim is only applicable for damage to the respective product.
  • The type label on the product must not be removed or modified.
  • In the event of a possible defect, the STOBAG authorised dealer must be informed immediately to ensure that they can initially assess the warranty claim and clarify the subsequent procedure (possible material inspection / assessment by the manufacturer) to be followed. That is why it cannot be decided in every case immediately whether the warranty is applicable.

The STOBAG 5-year warranty is a voluntary manufacturer warranty and extends the legally stipulated 2-year warranty by three years. Regardless of the warranty applied, the end customer's claims vis-à-vis the vendor (STOBAG authorised dealer) remain in force within the framework of the legal warranty.

For the perfect operation of our products please observe the instructions in the user manual and keep it beside the warranty terms.