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New product glass roof VETRO FINO GP8000

New product glass roof VETRO FINO GP8000

Award-winning design for the uniquely slim glass roof

The award-winning design of the new VETRO FINO GP8000 glass roof impresses with its remarkably slim appearance and timeless cubic shape. As it can be integrated into any architecture, it emphasises the modernity of the living space in a unique way. The laterally angled glass elements, a patent-pending feature, allow the construction frame to be built as compactly as possible - a pioneering innovation that redefines the patio roof sector.

The VETRO FINO glass roof not only offers protection from the elements, but also allows a clear view of the sky at any time of year. Its natural translucency creates an inviting light-filled atmosphere indoors and reduces the need for artificial lighting, enhancing well-being. The transparent properties of the VETRO FINO glass roof lend any room a visual expanse and generosity, creating a feeling of freedom and openness.

In addition to its aesthetic added value, it impresses with its well thought-out design: the modular shading and protective elements such as side shading or glazing, lighting and sockets can be fully integrated as an option. This innovative design has already been recognised several times and recently received the prestigious iF Design Award 2024, which underlines its outstanding quality and visionary approach.

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