The STOBAG Group: Innovative, consistent and competent
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The STOBAG Group: Innovative, consistent and competent

Making living spaces more valuable together

Living outdoors makes life more enjoyable. Living outdoors is simply nicer. The light, the air, the trees and flowers, the sky, sun and shade, the whole atmosphere – everything is more intense, bringing more joy into our lives and inspiring us each day. With our sun and weather protection products, we want to make every living space more valuable, better and more beautiful.

Sun and weather protection for house and garden

By choosing STOBAG, customers are not only buying high-quality sun and weather protection solutions, but also investing in the development of new living spaces. In doing so, you will enjoy a better living environment and a higher quality of life.

STOBAG Store über Terrasse direkt an Pool

Tradition and innovation with Swiss roots.

STOBAG was founded in 1964 near Zurich. We have been driven by a great passion for the highest quality from the very beginning. We search with curiosity for innovative solutions that stand out in terms of function and form and guarantee durability. This is one of the reasons why STOBAG has matured over the years into a leading international manufacturer of solid, innovative and durable sun and weather protection systems.

Luftbild STOBAG AG Hauptsitz in Muri

What makes us strong

Icon Function & Design
Functionality and design

It is important to us that each product is outstanding in terms of functionality and design. That's why we work closely with architecture and design firms. We work together with our development department to create products with innovative details and outstanding designs.

Icon Quality
Reliability and quality

Our sun and weather protection solutions have always been designed for durability. They are designed to be extremely robust to ensure that they are a joy to use every day. STOBAG has established a solid position for the future. High quality and spare parts reliability are thus guaranteed.

Icon Network
Customer focus and expertise

STOBAG works internationally with a large network of over 1000 qualified specialist partners. This means that customers will find the best possible partner for advice and installation near them.

Innovation has driven us for three generations

What Ernst Gremaud started in a simple cellar near Zurich has always been driven by a spirit of innovation and the quest for the perfect solution. His son Gianni Gremaud and grandson Alain Michel have carried forward this spirit in the second and third generations.

Drei Generationen der STOBAG Geschäftsleitung

Innovation and components business since 1964

STOBAG starts with the aim of designing shading solutions that are easier to install. Ernst Gremaud designs and launches innovative and unrivalled lightweight aluminium components. This marks the beginning of the successful production and marketing of roller shutter and awning systems.

First STOBAG location

Industrialisation and expansion since 1975

Together with son Gianni, Ernst Gremaud strengthens the innovative power and expands further. From 1989, Gianni Gremaud takes over as CEO and at the same time develops user-friendly configuration solutions. The specialist partner support is further professionalized, and production is optimized and expanded even more through know-how, modern logistics and production facilities.

High-bay warehouse in Muri

Focus and digital transformation since 2015

Alain Michel has been driving digitalisation/integration and automation forward as CEO since 2018. STOBAG is simultaneously developing its business model from B2B to B2B2C. The goal: Intensifying proximity to the end customer and continuing to strengthen specialist partner relationships.

Showroom in Muri

Family-based, solidly established

STOBAG continues to expand in its third generation to become the market leader for sun and weather protection systems. Together with our highly qualified management team, we combine wide-ranging expertise for high-quality, long-lasting products.

Alain Michel, CEO Alain Michel, CEO

“Identifying, learning from and responding to our clients' needs is a critical part of our work.”

Alain Michel, Group Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Fiechter, Group CIO Daniel Fiechter, Group CIO

“Transparency and efficiency are high priorities for us. We are steadily increasing these values with digitalisation.”

Daniel Fiechter, Group Chief Information Officer

David Halter, Group CFO David Halter, Group CFO

“Consistency does not only apply to our products. As a company, we also strive to remain financially sound in the long term and to create sustainable job security.”

David Halter, Group Chief Financial Officer

Kurt Infanger, CTO Kurt Infanger, CTO

“We develop technical solutions that are thought through to the last detail. Only if our customers are still thrilled by our products after years,
are we satisfied.”

Kurt Infanger, Group Chief Technology Officer

Marc Mirza, Group CSO Marc Mirza, Group CSO

“We place great value on being close to our customers, just as we do on supporting our specialist partners and architects. This is the best way to harness our full potential together.”

Marc Mirza, Group Chief Sales Officer

Swiss roots, international growth

In the past decades, we have continuously been able to convince new markets of our solutions. Today, we have several locations internationally and distribute our products in 35 countries.

World map with active location of STOBAG

Brilliant design

Awnings were once a separate element mounted on a façade or balcony. STOBAG has begun to formulate solutions that can be perfectly integrated into contemporary architecture. They are also a statement of stylish design in themselves. This is confirmed by numerous design awards from Red Dot and the German Design Award.

German Design Award

Multiple awards for innovative products.

Red Dot Design Award

Multiple awards for high product quality.