Feeling good starts with service

Feeling good starts with service

For those who want to play it safe

Are you in need of assistance with your awning or thinking about replacing the fabric? Whatever the situation, our specialist partners are there for you! Our Help Centre offers tips on all aspects of your STOBAG product along with links to all our services.

Maximum safety guaranteed

Thank you for choosing a STOBAG product. For even more security, we ask you to register today for our free warranty extension to 5 years.

If, despite our high quality standards, a complaint should arise, we will be able to help you immediately through one of our specialist partners.

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Care instructions for your awning fabric

The acrylic fabric of our awnings are impregnated. If necessary, you can maintain your fabric as follows: Remove small impurities with a colorless eraser or brush them out dry. In case of light soiling, the fabric can be washed with diluted soap solution (5%, approx. 30°C) and a soft brush. Then rinse thoroughly with clear water. Repeat the process if necessary and do not retract the awning until the awning is completely dry.

In case of heavy soiling, we recommend cleaning with a specially developed fabric cleaning agent according to the product instructions. Do not use a high-pressure cleaning device to avoid damaging your fabric. For reimpregnation, the acrylic fabric can be treated with a special impregnation spray (e.g. Fabric Guard™) if necessary. For detailed tips on cleaning your awning, see the article "Spring Cleaning 2.0" in the Worth Knowing section.

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Signs that it's time for a new fabric

The premium fabric of our awning covers is made in a quality European weaving mill. Thanks to the high quality and robustness, our fabrics have a long life. Nevertheless, the fabrics are permanently exposed to the weather, so that after about 10 to 15 years a fabric change becomes necessary. Signs that you should consider replacing the fabric, include heavy soiling that can no longer be removed, faded colors, fading seams or loosening adhesive joints, damage to the fabric, or mildew stains or dents caused by moisture.

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Download information and inspiration

Are you planning to change your living space and would like to browse through our brochures? Or you have misplaced the operating instructions for your product and want to look something up again? In our download area you will find all brochures, product flyers and oper-ating instructions.

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