Vertical shading


There is virtually no better way to control sun and shade. VISOMBRA is the clever combination of a vertical and horizontal awning.

The perfect mix of daylight and shade

The optimum light mix at all times: With its clever combination of vertical and drop-arm awnings, VISOMBRA offers an optimum balance between daylight and shade, even for large window areas.

Why VISOMBRA delivers

Flexible angle settings
With VISOMBRA, you can adjust the tilt angle continuously from 0° to 180°.
Flexible angle settings
In addition to the selection of the angle, you can also determine the height at which the point of alignment is to be placed.
Always stretched
The spring-loaded extension arms are secured against wind in any position and are automatically locked at the maximum opening angle.
VISOMBRA Hero slide

Product features

Round or angular

Thanks to the option of a square or round box shape, VISOMBRA can be harmoniously integrated into the architecture.


In or on the façade

The drop arms can be adapted for mounting in the window recess or on the façade.



VISOMBRA is suitable for many applications. Coupling two units gives you a width of 700 cm.


Flexible angle settings

Infinitely variable opening angle from 0° to 180°.


VISOMBRA on all sides

The successful fusion of design and technology makes VISOMBRA the perfect design element for modern private and commercial buildings.