Pavilion & Atrium


Much more than a roof. Swivelling aluminium slats adjust perfectly and flexibly to the sun's position and any kind of weather.

A flexible roof that connects spaces and opens up new ones.

The beautifully designed roofing solution with durable aluminium slats connects buildings, covers atriums or upgrades existing pergolas. It lets you create new outdoor space for any and every weather.

ASTANO Hard-Top – superior and sophisticated.

Sturdy slats
Whether open or closed to keep out light and rain: premium-quality aluminium slats promise long-lasting functionality.
Perfect water management
Even when installed absolutely horizontally, rainwater is effectively channelled away through the elegantly integrated rainwater ducts.
ASTANO Hard-Top is made of quality-coated aluminium. This makes the system "doubly" corrosion-resistant.
ASTANO HT Hero slide

Product features

Free choice of mounting options

The ASTANO Hard-Top can be mounted on the façade, in the window recess or on the ceiling. For a robust result every time.

ASTANO Product Property Montagewahl

Quality of life well into the night

If desired, dimmable LED lighting conjures up an atmospheric ambience in the evening.

ASTANO LED-Beleuchtung

Generously dimensioned

The ASTANO Hard-Top covers an area of up to 6m x 6m. And when set up in series, many times this.


Electric drive

The convenient way to adjust the incidence of light or the degree of rain protection is included as standard.

ASTANO HT PP Elektroantrieb

A system for new living spaces.

The ASTANO Hard-Top upgrades existing outdoor zones to new and valuable living spaces.