Glass roof & conservatory shading


With its clean lines and perfect design, the unique, slimline glass roof system expands the available living space.

The glass roof for more free space. Light and limitless.

The award-winning VETRO FINO all-weather roof allows you to enjoy relaxing moments outdoors at any time of year. Experience outdoor living at its best – protected and comfortable.

A terrace roof with many advantages.

More living space
Thanks to the modular shading and protective elements, your available living space can be conveniently extended outdoors in any weather.
Gapless shading
The fully integrated roof and side shades provide gapless shading – with no glare or distracting light gaps.
Plenty of daylight
The slim frame as well as the clear glass surfaces let natural light into the interior and offer a clear view to the outside.
VETRO FINO Heropic slide

Product features

STOBAG Exclusive

Laterally angled glass elements allow a more compact design for the construction frame. Thus, a low and unique frame height of only 20 cm creates an elegant overall appearance.


The perfect light

The fully integrated LED lighting in the longitudinal beams can be used either in the form of spots or strips (Tunable White). The dimmable light provides a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere after dark.

VETRO FINO PF Perfektes Licht

Unique design

The modular shading and glazing options are fully integrated into the thoughtfully designed and unique, slimline construction. Shading solutions just don't get any better than this.

VETRO FINO PF Einzigartiges Design

Controlled water drainage

The sloping roof elements channel rain into the sophisticated STOBAG drainage system, which is cleverly integrated into the frame and supports. Therefore, an attached rain gutter is not necessary.

Side and front shading

Optimal protection on all sides. The retractable side and front shades provide protection against high winds and low sun while ensuring extra privacy.

VETRO FINO PF Seiten- und Frontbeschattung


With side and front glazing you can sit "outdoors" even in heavy rain while staying warm and dry and enjoying an unrestricted view. Optionally available in a fixed design or as flexible sliding glazing.

VETRO FINO PF Verglasung

You decide when it's time for some Outdoor Living.

A simple solution: With the STOBAG glass roof VETRO FINO and the integrated lighting, shading or full glazing you have year-round protection from the weather and a visual highlight on your patio.

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