Conservatory shading


The conservatory shading with extremely flexible mounting options.

Flexible use – for large and unusual conservatory shapes.

TARGA is suitable for large and complex glass roofing. TARGA is self-supporting and so does not need mounting on the façade. As external sun protection, it ensures a good indoor climate as well as looking simply elegant.

Conservatory shading for almost every requirement.

Perfect climate in the conservatory
The external sunshade fits perfectly on all conservatories – even with non-standard shapes.
Simple and flexible to install
With diverse mounting brackets and the option of moving the guide rails inwards, the sunshade is easy to install.
Well protected and out of sight
With TARGA, all cables and plugs are integrated in the side cover. Well protected an out of sight.

Product features

Self-supporting construction

TARGA is designed as a self-supporting box construction and so requires no other brackets on façades or ceilings.

TARGA Selbsttragender Kasten

Positionable rails

The guide rails can be flexibly repositioned inwards up to 100 cm from the sides. This means that lateral projections are also possible.

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