The unique design for an individual haven of peace and tranquillity.
The basis for the Individual STOBAG Living Ambiance (I.S.L.A.) system is provided by the SB4700 self-supporting aluminium floor structure. This can be installed quickly on the most varied of terrain.


Making your balcony and terrace winter-proof! When the temperatures start to drop in the autumn there is still work to be done in the garden.


Starck & STOBAG: a Symbiosis of Design and Functionality

As reliable and effective outdoor shading for his "P.A.T.H" project, Philippe Starck decided to use...More »

Glass canopy ARDON – the multifunctional sun and weather protection for the most stringent demands.

The unique ARDON GP2600 glass canopy, with built-in telescopic awning, offers reliable protection...More »

Unique dimensions: Up to 30 m2 wind-resistant façade awning

The tried and tested VENTOSOL collection has been expanded with the clever vertical awning...More »