Terrace / Seating area on patio


On holiday at home.
Make your terrace a superb, private holiday destination.

People like to spend most of their free time and time together on their terraces – starting from the first warm rays of sunshine in spring until well into autumn. The right choice of sun and weather protection system ensures a pleasantly cool climate and excellent UV protection, which is extremely important for children in particular. The frequent use of the terrace requires sturdy and durable products, which stand up to this heavy use for years. All STOBAG sun and weather protection systems are manufactured individually using the best materials and can therefore be fine-tuned to best suit your needs. Enjoy many years of pure holiday pleasure at home.

Shade planner
Shade planner
Shade planner

Plan your individual shading requirements - adapted to meet your needs and circumstances. You can choose from over 400 cover designs and 150 frame colours. The individually-coordinated simulation of the shadow conditions helps you discover the perfect size for your shading. Take a look at the wide range of shading solutions from STOBAG.


Shade planner


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