Focus on people
The focus of our thoughts and actions is on people's desire to spend time in the open air, to unwind and enjoy themselves. Carefree enjoyment of the outdoors relies on the quality of our products. Our philosophy of "STOBAG sun and weather protection for life" means protection, health, security, comfort, durability and aesthetic appeal for feeling good and improved quality of life.

Premium quality for improved protection and durability
Our state-of-the-art production and the use of the highest quality materials and components guarantees the highest quality for better sun and weather protection and greater durability.

Sun and weather protection as part of the architecture

Our sun and weather protection systems form part of building architecture from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint.

Individual character thanks to a large selection

The large selection of awning fabrics, the numerous options of frame colours as well as the various types of awning offer in an almost infinite number of potential combinations - and therefore the best possible opportunity to satisfy individual tastes.

Innovation – our incentive
We aim to manufacture the best sun and weather protection systems in the world. This goal is always at the front of our minds and we achieve it through continuous innovation in our products, production and distribution.