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Green Homing: the garden terrace as a further living room

This trend could not be overlooked at the Giardina 2012 in Zurich.

Also on cool or rainy days covered terraces, which optionally are embedded in the garden area, convey a feeling of being surrounded by nature.
The interest in the glass roof system TERRADO and its smooth transition from outside to inside was huge. Also Dimitri Döbeli a garden architect from Urbangruen GmbH has a great need to enjoy his garden many months a year. This trend does not seem to change in the coming years. Not only the  increasing shortage on living space but also the higher prices for homes contribute to this course. An optimized exterior design planning and flexible weather-protection-systems make the dream of the open living room come true.

An oasis out of glass as a transparent protection against wind and weather.
The TERRADO glass sliding (rotation) system with a matching shade and additional options such as lighting and weather-independent control systems provide protection and make your terrace a real oasis. This way you may extend your patio season greatly and enjoy much light and heat.

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