BAVONA – the weather-protected oasis with diverse options: Sliding glazing, remote control, LED lighting and I.S.L.A. Aluminium floor system SB4700.

Elegant terrace pavilion with modular roof system and convenient expansion options

From spring to autumn, the new BAVONA Outdoor Living Pavilion creates a natural living space on the terrace or in the garden.

Relax in the fresh air and enjoy the comfort of reliable sun and weather protection and experience the interplay of light and shade. The design of the BAVONA pergola range impresses through its cubic design style and the sophisticatedly-integrated technology. Each BAVONA pergola is tailor-made, can be colour-matched to your individual requirements and equipped with various options. The following two roof systems are also available:

As a bio-climatic canopy, the BAVONA TP6500 Hardtop provides perfect protection from sun and rain with variably inclining aluminium lamellas. The natural air circulation through the lamellas acts like an environmentally-friendly air-conditioning system.

The BAVONA TP6100 Softtop roof system variation spreads Mediterranean charm with its integrated folding awnings. The weatherproof polyester fabric (fire protection class B1) likewise offers the best protection against heat, UV radiation as well as rain. The folding awning can be conveniently moved to the required position at the touch of a button, thereby allowing an unobstructed view of the sky.

Thanks to numerous mounting variants and various convenience options, such as LED lighting, sliding glazing system or aluminium floor system, the uses of the BAVONA pergolas are virtually limitless.

In the evening, the optionally integrateable LED strips contribute atmospheric light.

BAVONA TP6500 Hardtop with bio-climatic effect: The inclining weather-resistant aluminium lamellas permit natural air circulation.

Clever drainage: In the closed position, the rain water is guided initially via the lamellas to the laterally-integrated channels and then from there via the supports to the ground.

The same principle applies for the BAVONA TP6100 Softtop version with folding awning.

Sales launch Softtop 2017

BAVONA TP6100: The rainproof folding awning spreads Mediterranean charm and creates an open air mood.

BAVONA TP6500: Diverse uses as a free-standing pavilion or with a connection directly on the façade. Expanded with sliding glazing, the BAVONA pergola protects not only from sun and rain, but also from wind.

Facts & Figures

Modularly-expandable pergola system
Two roof variations available:
– Inclineable aluminium lamellas (Hardtop)
– Sturdy folding awning (Softtop)
Combined solution for sun and rain protection
Seamless frame in cubic design
Free-standing, wall or corner mounting
Integrated water run-off
Corrosion-resistant aluminium construction
As standard with electric drive
Conveniently expandable with:
– Integrated, dimmable LED lighting
– Sliding side and front glazing
– Aluminium floor system SB4700
(I.S.L.A. Concept)


Vertical awning with SIR in cubic design for large-scale outdoor applications

The latest STOBAG product is called VENTOSOL VM720/2. The vertical awning with the renowned floating technology offers optional lateral vertical shading for the BAVONA, RIVERA and TERRADO products. And the VENTOSOL VM72/2 is the ideal solution for wide shading.

Thanks to floating technology, the roller tube is supported across the entire width and prevents the tube from sagging. Fabric folding is also minimised. Moreover, the SIR (Soft Integrated Retaining) guide ensures maximum rigidity of the inner fabric guide, which functions like a zip fastener.

The stylish, cubic design of the VENTOSOL VM720/2 elegantly integrates into the STOBAG product range. A system width of up to 700 cm covers the dimensions of the BAVONA, RIVERA and TERRADO. So the need for lateral shading for these products can be completely fulfilled – existing installations can also be retrofitted without a problem.

Vertical front and side shading as an expansion to existing terrace solutions
Cubic design
Cubic, retractable end rail
Wide shading options
Renowned floating technology (floating shaft)
Hirschmann connector can be stowed in the box
Easy installation

Hundreds of colour
tones, in RAL and
NCS too, covers
every requirement
for the choise of frame.

Request the comprehensive
fabric collection with
the inspirational variety of colours.

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Technical Data
min. 200 cm
max. 500 cm
min. 6' 7'
max. 16' 5''
min. 200 cm
max. 600 cm
min. 6' 7'
max. 19' 8''
Technical Data
min. 200 cm
max. 600 cm *
min. 6' 7'
max. 19' 8'' *
min. 200 cm
max. 600 cm
min. 6' 7'
max. 19' 8''

* from 401 cm with 2 roof module

Datos técnicos
min. 85 cm
max. 700 cm
min. 2' 9'
max. 23' 0''
min. 50 cm
max. 300 cm
min. 1' 8'
max. 9' 9''
3 (to 50 km/h or Beaufort 6)
Descargas VENTOSOL VM720/2