Vertical awning with SIR in cubic design for large-scale outdoor applications

The latest STOBAG product is called VENTOSOL VM720/2. The vertical awning with the renowned floating technology offers optional lateral vertical shading for the BAVONA, RIVERA and TERRADO products. And the VENTOSOL VM72/2 is the ideal solution for wide shading.

Thanks to floating technology, the roller tube is supported across the entire width and prevents the tube from sagging. Fabric folding is also minimised. Moreover, the SIR (Soft Integrated Retaining) guide ensures maximum rigidity of the inner fabric guide, which functions like a zip fastener.

The stylish, cubic design of the VENTOSOL VM720/2 elegantly integrates into the STOBAG product range. A system width of up to 700 cm covers the dimensions of the BAVONA, RIVERA and TERRADO. So the need for lateral shading for these products can be completely fulfilled – existing installations can also be retrofitted without a problem.

Vertical front and side shading as an expansion to existing terrace solutions
Cubic design
Cubic, retractable end rail
Wide shading options
Renowned floating technology (floating shaft)
Hirschmann connector can be stowed in the box
Easy installation