Pleasant interior climate and optimum daylight coordination.

Drop-arm and combination awnings are a special type of facade awnings and enable you to regulate the amount of light that shines directly into your rooms. The infinitely adjustable angle of projection with these types of awnings can individually regulate the view outside as well as the amount of light shining directly into the property.
Drop-arm and combination awnings are not only suitable for windows on facades but also ensure a comfortable room temperature in conservatories in addition to perfect sun protection and privacy.

STOBAG drop-arm and combination awnings are tailor-made and offer a full range of options. Continual quality control and the use of tried and tested brand fabrics with up to 100% UV protection guarantee maximum safety and functionality.
Choose from over 400 cover designs and thousands of colour combinations. Depending on the model and desired comfort level the awning is driven either manually using a crank or by a motor, which can also easily be operated via remote control or sun/wind sensors.


Drop arm and window awnings METRO S3110 by STOBAG
Drop arm and window awnings METRO BOX FS4200 by STOBAG

METRO and METRO-BOX drop-arm awnings offer the ideal solution for providing shade for windows and balconies. The sloping cover allows an unobstructed view of the outside and good air circulation when the window is open. The projection angle is freely adjustable between 0° and 170°. This provides the ideal combination of sun protection and daylight.
The lateral aluminium drop arms with integrated spring elements guarantee perfect tensioning of the cover and prevent it flapping in windy conditions. The METRO model is supplied without protection box. Both models allow easy wall or top installation.

METRO S3110:

min. 40 cm
max. 450 cm
min. 1' 4''
max. 14' 9''
*min. 50 cm
**max. 175 cm
*min. 1' 8''
**max. 5' 9''
* 0°–90°
** 0°–170°


min. 40 cm
max. 450 cm
min. 1' 4''
max. 14' 9''
*min. 50 cm
**max. 125 cm
*min. 1' 8''
**max. 4' 1''
* 0°–90°
** 0°–150°


Drop arm and window awnings VISOMBRA FS6000 by STOBAG
Drop arm and window awnings VISOMBRA FS6000 by STOBAG

Thanks to a clever combination of vertical and drop arm awnings, a continuously adjustable exposed angle position of 0° to 180° and freely selectable exposed point, this façade awning offers an optimum coordination between daylight and shade, even for large window areas. The VISOMBRA can be harmoniously integrated into architecture thanks to the square or round box form options. The tensioned projection arms are protected against wind in any position and are automatically locked at the maximum projection angle.

Technical Data


40 cm
*400 cm
1' 4''
*13' 1''
125 cm
*350 cm
4' 1''
*11' 6''
**min. 65cm / 2' 2''
max. 285cm / 9'4''
*Depending on material:
  With soltis fabric:
  W 400 – H 350 cm / W 13' 1" ; – H 11' 6" ;

  With acrylic fabric:
  W 400 – H 275 cm / W 350 – H 350 cm W 13' 1"
  ; – H 9' 0" ; / W 11' 6" ; – H 11' 6" ;

**Drop arm lengths: 50 cm /1' 8"

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