More environmentally friendly than any air-conditioning system: Our façade awnings offer perfect protection against heat and prying eyes.

Window and facade awnings also allow you to regulate the amount of light that shines directly into your rooms. The insulating air cushion between the awning fabric and the window provides effective heat protection. STOBAG offers a huge selection of fabrics and frame colours. Because of this, facade shading is often included in the architecture as a design feature.
The extremely tough security shutters made of impact-resistant aluminium profiles protect your home or company against break-in, vandalism, damage caused by hail or storm.


  • Choice of guide types and box shapes
  • Vertical awnings without lateral light gap (SIR technology)
  • Wind-resistant to 120 km/h
  • Daylight control without direct exposure to light
  • Stylish alternative to roller blinds and lamellas
WINDOWS & FACADES Vertical awnings by STOBAG

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WINDOWS & FACADES Security shutters by STOBAG

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WINDOWS & FACADES Drop-arm and combination awnings by STOBAG

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