The unique design for an individual haven of peace and tranquillity.
The basis for the Individual STOBAG Living Ambiance (I.S.L.A.) system is provided by the SB4700 self-supporting aluminium floor structure. This can be installed quickly on the most varied of terrain.


How do I look after my awning long-term?
How do I look after my awning long-term?
You ask, we answer.

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Starck & STOBAG: a Symbiosis of Design and Functionality

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Glass canopy ARDON – the multifunctional sun and weather protection for the most stringent demands.

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From textile sun curtains to glazed terrace roofs.

The balcony or the terrace should offer space for fun and relaxation during free time. The need to be off limits and have privacy plays an equally important role in this respect.

STOBAG awnings are manufactured individually. Regardless whether a classic sun curtain, a conservatory shading system, a textile pergola, a free-standing awning or a glass canopy - they are all unique. Our sun and weather protection solutions for the home and garden offer guaranteed sun protection. Depending on the awning type, they offer protection from the rain, wind and prying eyes.
Apart from the wide variety of optional uses, there is also a selection of more than 300 fabrics to choose from which can be combined with numerous frame colours. Whether a cassette awning for a detached house, or as a pergola awning for an extended dining room in the hospitality sector, a solution is always found.

Made-to-measure awnings
All STOBAG products have a customised design and profiles and components are powder-coated in the requested colour. This environmentally-friendly process protects the structure from the daily effects of the weather.

Play of colours and UV protection
Fabric colours reflect atmospheres, and should be used accordingly. Rooms are made to look smaller or larger. Plain-coloured fabrics in beige, brown, grey, and intense colours such as red, yellow or orange are very popular. The latter make an attractive colour statement and are often used outdoors as a design feature. STOBAG quality awning fabrics have an excellent UV protection factor and have top-quality textiles with optimum light and colour resistance. There are optionally also fabrics available which also feature a water and dirt resistant coating.

Fabrics for enjoying the view
On the contrary to normal acrylic fabrics, the so-called screen fabrics for vertical awnings offer the advantage of considerable transparency. The contours of the surrounding area are not spoiled, whilst privacy and wind protection is not compromised. The perforated screen fabric is highly hardwearing and, when not in use, remains rolled up in the protective aluminium cassette.

STOBAG sun and weather protection solutions offer a vast range of possibilities, we would be delighted for you to take a look for yourself.



Eine textile Pergola ist der perfekte Sonnenschutz


A textile Pergola is the perfect sun protection for your terrace


VENTOSOL Sichtschutz und Sonnenstore


As protection from prying eyes for the balcony, the VENTOSOL vertical shading with screen fabric and high wind resistance


TENDABOX Sonnenstore mit Absenkvolant


TENDABOX BX3000: Sun curtain with drop- valance plus (up to 170 cm).